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eBay Motors is a great place to search for license plates, and some of the best tin to emerge of late has come from its hidden corners.The good news is, that there are usually hundreds of license plates for sale on eBay Motors at any given time. The bad news is that they are mingled in with thousands of license plate-related items -- things like license plate frames, and license plate parts. These things are described with the phrase "license plates" -- but they are NOT license plates.

GO DIRECTLY to our links of LICENSE PLATES TREASURES on eBay Motors - or read the important info below. Remember, while there are lots of hidden license plates on eBay Motors, you will always find the greatest number of licence plates by using our License Plates Main home pages of links for each state, located HERE.

Why eBay Motors is sodifficult to search for license plates:

How the FREE features canhelp you find those hiddenlicense plate treasures more easily:

The biggest reason the most obvious one: eBay Motors is NOT a license plates category.
...At least it's not a category for "collectible" license plates. Many old licence plates here are considered accessories for old cars. Whose gonna stop the car guys from listing them here? now has a new eBay Motors license plate section with dozens of individually-crafted links -- no more digging into "all categories" to see who else has tin for sale. Hey, let the car guys list 'em wherever they want - we'll help you find 'em.
THERE'S ALWAYS A "FINE LINE" BETWEEN eBay Motors, AND THE "OFFICIAL LICENSE PLATES" SECTION...Actually...there's often a huge gulf between the two. eBay Motors resides on a different website, and uses a completely different eBay database. Unless you're searching smart, you're missing out. The eBay Motors section of will help.
License plates on eBay Motors are often misidentified.

That's because many of the vendors aren't license plate collectors -- or license plate experts. On the other hand, many ARE knowledgeable of license plate, but simply choose to describe their tags to attract car enthusiasts.

For example, a pair of 1931 Utah plates may be listed as "Model A pair", without any year or state indicated. But then again, that same item title might apply to a pair of automobile headlamps.

License plate collectors shouldn't complain about vendors who aren't experts! ;-)

Browsing eBay Motors for license plates is a lot like visiting an antique auto flea market: Many plates are overpriced, for the Year-of-Manufacture crowd. Vendors may mark tags with the wrong year or jurisdiction, while others can't tell a repaint from a repro, or rusty from mint. But we still love the car folks, because they always bring us gems "in the rough!"

It's up to you to stay alert, and decide what's a jewel, and what's junk --meanwhile, you'll see more of both, (and in less time too),'s eBay Motors links.

ALREADY SEARCHING eBay BY "KEYWORD"? other words, do youtype phrases like, "license plate" in the search box? If so, that's a good method to search the "license plate" categories on eBay...

But it's a lousy way to search eBay Motors for license plates! Remember, on eBay Motors, the phrase "license plate" is used mostly as an adjective - it describes "license plate bolts" and "license plate nut." Meanwhile, license plate collectors are looking for the noun - the actual license plate.

eBay has one of the best search engines out there - but it can't read, how do you find those old tags?

The section for eBay Motors is full of carefully-created search queries -- made by folks who create search queries for a living!

What's a "search query?" It's one of those long strings of words and symbols, designed to deliver targeted search results. We know how search engines work. It's taken us years, but we've crunched and juggled eBay Motorslistings by the ten thousand -- and found a way to filter out the actual license plates from the trinkets, junk and bric-a-brac.

Your search results may not be 100% perfect, and you may still see some junk - but we think you'll liken the experience to stumbling onto a box of unpicked goodies at an antique car show.

If so...are you SURE you're seeing it all? Are you using all the words that the car folks do? Searching all the categories within eBay Motors? Weeding out all those plastic go-cart dealer frames, and Keep On Truckin' mud flaps?
The new eBay Motors section on exclusively searches eBay Motors for you -- use it to supplement the searches you are already using, such as License plates by state/time/price, and other searches oflicense plates by type/state.
In other words...Got time to spend -- a real LOT of time? Then go ahead and plow through the thousands of "license plate" results from eBay motors -- and then try to separate out the real live tin from all those license plate frames, front license plates, license plate covers, automobiles for sale which may expired "license plates" on them -- and of course, the bulk of your search results, which are all of those car parts, like license plate brackets, bolts, and light bulbs...
...we know! We've been trying to crack this nut for years!
...And we think we've come up with what may be THE VERY BEST LICENSE PLATES SEARCHING TOOLS FOR USE ON EBAY MOTORS. We've weeded out as many of the non-license plates as we could, in hopes of finding you ONLY the license plates. No, it is not perfect. But the search strings we've designed are the maximum size that eBay can handle!

We are constantly refining our work, and when you use our tools, you will probably still find some non-license plates in there -- but we are confident that you'll agree that searching eBay Motors is now a lot easier.


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