North Carolina license plates auctions hiding in the "wrong" auction categories. Rare North Carolina license plates.

Old North Carolina license plates "HIDDEN" in wrong & mismarked Auction Categories

This page has been designed to help you find Old North Carolina License Plates currently for sale in obscure, mis-marked, and non-relevant eBay Auctions Categories. This "MIS-MARKED" Old North Carolina license plates auctions page rarely contains a large amount of license plates, however: You can always see the MOST ANTIQUE LICENSE PLATES AUCTIONS for ALL states by clicking this box, (below):
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This section is for the truly persistant collector who loves the thrill of the hunt. Think of it as the "last stop" in your routine search for hidden Antique North Carolina license plates -- (just be sure to stop here often!)

"MIS-MARKED" is defined here to mean current North Carolina old license plates listed in:

  • "Non-license plate" categories -- like "Garden" or "Toys"

  • "Semi-related" categories -- like "License Plate Frames"

  • Just plain wrong categories -- such as North Carolina old license plates which are properly listed under "license plates", ...but under the WRONG STATE!

Just remember, the lists of license plate auctions you'll find here in the "OOPS!" section aren't perfect -- after all, they're really no more than a bunch of mistakes. Plus, you will probably still see some license plate "junk" mixed in, even though we've tried to weed it all out. And finally, some links here occasionally have very few, or no license plates at all.

But why pass up ANY unpicked batch of old tin? If you need some convincing before clicking the links below, Take a look at the rare license plates we've found, in mis-marked auctions.

North Carolina Old License Plates listed in OTHER eBay License Plate Auction Categories

...This page includes searches within the 'License Plates - Mixed Lots' Auction category, which always has hundreds of license plates under no specific "state" category.


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We've found a way to separate the "real" license plates from the license plate frames, bolts and "junk". If you haven't yet used it to find old license plates, you're in for a treat.

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