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Non-Pass license plates: Dealer, Sample, Graphic, Antique / Old Motorcycle License plates. Explore this section for porcelain license plates in jurisdictions where they were issued, as well as pre-state license plates and other rare antique licence plate finds. sign up for auctions

Old Wisconsin Motorcycle license plates, Types, Non-Pass, Farm, Graphics, Samples & more

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HINT: After you click on any link to the left, you will be taken to a list of current auctions NOW IN PROGRESS for that item. If the eBay results page does not display enough old license plates - you can click the small box, "Search Titles and Descriptions." You can also add keywords to any old license plates auctions results page on eBay, to narrow or expand your search.NOTE: Not all states issued Porcelain License Plates, though porcelain pre-states and city license plates do exist for some states. And for other jurisdictions, the existence of any Pre-State license plates is not known. However, we have included searches for many of these items, only because unknowing sellers who are not experts in antique license plates may mistakenly list items as such -- (and as we all know, previously undiscovered items sometimes do appear!) We invite you to make your own judgement about any rare license plates you may stumble upon in the rough!

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