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Best Antique Pennsylvania license plates: No other state issued ten dated porcelain license plates in a row - except Pennsylvania. They're all great plates, from the brightly colored first three issues, to the brilliant yellow 1911, the woodgrain '12, and unique powder-blue 1915. But one plate stands out, the first-issue 1906. The Pennsylvania 1906 is the first DATED porcelain license plate issued by a US state, for mandatory statewide use. And it may be the earliest dated statewide plate to actually be used on cars, as little is known of the actual usage received by the '05 and '06 West Virginia plates. This beautiful, square shaped, white-on-deep cobalt porcelain plate, with its deeply debossed "Penna 1906" across the top is the kind of antique tag that captures people into wanting to become license plate collectors. Best of the "Not-so- Old Pennsylvania license plates: The 1976 Bicentennial Pennsylvania tag was a ground-breaking license plate. This first US Bicentennial plate was issued way back in 1971, and along with Michigan, Missouri and a few others, stand out among a sea of pale reflectorized backgrounds. Had the Keystone state not issued a Bicentennial tag, would other states have followed? An important question, considering that Bicentennial tags were the catalyst (or Pandora's Box!!) of the modern graphic age of license plates. Don't forget, printed bar code technology was also invented in 1971. The '76 base was also the start of special issue license plates, which began with Pennsylvania colleges and membership organizations. So, had their been no Liberty Bell, would we today have no endangered otter, no square dancing plate, and no small-town high school alumni plates? Toughest/Most Rare Pennsylvania plates: In this case, the best was first: The 1906 porcelain tag may be the only true "rare" Pennsylvania license plate. However, many do exist, so it may simply be just an expensive one.

New & Old Pennsylvania License plate slogans:

  • Keystone State
  • You've Got a Friend In Pennsylvania
  • Bicentennial

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