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Spend less time, and find more old license plates - with this unique, simple-to-use,FREE website, designed to help you find old license plates on the Internet. When you use Old license plates.com as your launching point to online auctions, you'll find a greater selection of the licence plates you're really looking for, than ever before - even if your current launching point is the actual eBay auction website!

Our latest features help you search eBay faster than ever -- makingOld license plates. com now the largest license plate site on the web!


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License Plate Searching Expertise.

This license plates website has been built by professional internet search experts --with several years' primary professional experience, (i.e., "making our living") in computer search engine technology. This includes designing new search engines for select audiences, inventing new ways to make searchingeasier, and better -- as well as "ripping apart" existing search engines, to see how they work.

We also know how to create search "strings", or long lines of code, to pull out refined and defined items from a sea of confusing data. (This is explained in greater depth in the green column on the right-hand side of this page).

This website has also been built by license plate collectors -- We have been using computer search technology tofind collectible license plates online since the Eighties.

This is more important as you might think, considering a disturbing trend you may have already noticed on the internet: And that is, the preponderance of "spammy" pages that clog up the search results pages of your favorite search engines. These "spammy" pages usually have little or nothing to do with the words you just searched, and they consist mostly of dead-end pages filled with ads, and pop-up windows.

Any monkey (perhaps a smart monkey), can be trained to make pages appear with a high rank in search engine results. But we are different: Our links are worth clicking on, because we know license plates.

Why you need Old license plates.com

License plate auctions are a tremendous resource...so how should you search them, to find the license plates you need?

One way might be to simply type the words "license plate" in the search box. However, doing socan deliver enormous lists of license plate-related items of no use to you -- like license plate frames, license plate tail lights, promotional front license plates, anti-radar-detection license plate covers, and toy license plate keychains. The good stuff, i.e., "real license plates" are usually mixed in there as well -- but how can you weed it out?

OLDLICENSEPLATES.COM does this for you - for FREE.

Now, suppose you decided to search only within the designated license plates category of eBay. This is fine, because this is actually where most of the license plates will be found.

But how exactly do you search? Do you include every spelling and mis-spelling of "license"? Do you type singular or plural versions of "plate"? (Some search engines automatically search for plurals, and some do not.)

Do you consider that some people call them "tags"? Do you search on every variation of state abbreviation?

Do you also consider that many items will not even indicate that they are "license plates" at all. (Some sellers look at it this way: Why waste precious headline space, when you are already in the "license plate" listing area? why not just list the year, and jurisdiction?)

OLDLICENSEPLATES.COM does this for you - with the most complete search strings for each state, without "overdoing" it with too many results.

Another remedy to these dilemmas is to search without typing any words -- instead, you"drill down" into the designated license plates auction categories. This is perhaps the best way to look for license plates...

...But are you still seeing everything? Perhaps not! Because, not everyone uses these categories, and when they do, they don't always list their license plates in the CORRECT categories, or the MOST RELEVANT categories.

It's true: At any given moment, eBay will have several hundred license plate auctions, which are NOT listed in one of the sixty-plus designated "license plate" categories.

Some sellers, (especially those who are unloading large collections), don't have time to break down their items into fifty different categories -- and so they put everything in the "License Plates Mixed Lots" category.

Others still might list, say, that 1913 Mississippi tag under "License Plates/Other Countries" -- they may do so by mistake, or they may do it because they are not in the U.S., and "Other Countries" best applies to their location!

The FREE links and pages on OLDLICENSEPLATES.COM searches all of these for you. For example: Suppose eBay's "License Plates" area currently has 300 California license plates: 200 are in the in the "California license plates" category, 75 are in "Mixed Lots", 10 are in "Other Countries", and the remaining 15 are spread across the other 49 states' categories. We have designed links that will help you search for ALL those license plates, and which will display them to you with little or no duplication.

License plates in other parts of eBay

Did you know that eBay Motors, eBay Stores and eBay Auctions all usedifferent databases? So, when you're searching one of them, you're notalways searching the others. Did you also know that clicking back andforth between the different parts of eBay will often result in manypages of duplicate listings? But Oldlicenseplates.com helps you searchthe entire eBay site, faster and easier than you could on your own.

We also have special, custom-crafted searching tools that help you find cycle, non-pass, porcelains, prestates, samples, types and more. These tools are easy to use: You click on a link, and then you see results.

You can get to all of these pages, from the Old license plates .com official home page.

License Plates In The Rough

...If you're not familiar with this term, it is old tin hound lingo for when one stumbles upon those rare goodies "outside" of the small, known universe of license plate collectors. An example of uncovering treasures "in the rough" might be to find a rare old license plate sitting on the table at an antique car show.

The seller isn't entirely sure what it is, and the item has gone unsold for a number of car shows. It is vaguely identified, and has been presented for sale to the wrong crowd of potential buyers. Therefore, YOU grab the item at a very cheap price.

Old license plates like this are everywhere on eBay, if you know where to look. But why bother, when OLD LICENSE PLATES. COM can look for you?

Many sellers don't know much about license plates, or may be unaware that eBay has specific license plate categories -- and so they list their plates under "Antiques" or "Everything Else". Or, they may list in the correct category, only to leave out any "license plate" related word that a license plate collector will search upon.

Using our own website, we've found some nice old license plates in some pretty odd places - here is a small sample.

We can't promise you'll make the same type of finds every day. But we are pretty sure that Old license plates.com will find you MORE of the license plates you're looking for, in LESS time.

HOW Old license plates .com works

Finding license plates has never been so FAST and EASY.

All you do is click on our links, and sit back. We do the searching for you.


Oldlicenseplates.com maintains a bunch of pages, with links -- clicking on them shows you various lists of license plate auctions.

Some links deliver lists showing ALL ITEMS in a particular license plate category. Other links perform custom searches, showing only SPECIFIC PLATES you want to see.

Still other links "dive deep" into eBay Auctions (and beyond), uncovering license plates MISTAKENLY LISTED in non- license plate areas. ...(and these occasionally include license plates.)

Certain links always deliver big lists of license plates: especially our pages for eBay's Official License Plates category.

But others - especially the "deep detailed" searches, may be sparse, may contain a some non-license plate items, or may even be empty. We suggest you regularly visit Oldlicenseplates.com to check these links for hidden license plates treasures.

License Plate LINK pages, and License Plate DISPLAY pages: WE HAVE BOTH.

Old license plates .com is permitted (by eBay) to provide links to eBay auctions. (We are not owned by eBay, nor are we exclusive to eBay -- in fact, we remain free to add links to other, non-eBay websites in the future, if we wish.)

But for now, our links to eBay take two forms:

[1.] License Plates LINK pages -- These are pages that contain links which take you straight to eBay. When you land on eBay from one of our links, it might look as if someone already typed words and symbols, (sometimes a lot of words and symbols!) in eBay's searching box. This is because our links are composed of elaborate search strings, or "queries". All you do is click on them, and you will see a customized list of plates in which most of the junk (as possible) has been weeded out of the results.

[2.] License Plates DISPLAY pages --These are pages on Old license plates.com that actually display eBay auction results right on our site. They look a little bit like someone has taken an eBay page, and slapped it onto anOld license plates .com page. These are real eBay auctions, and you can click directly on them. They will list only the first 25 items of the auction results. However, at the bottom of every "display" page, there will be a link straight to eBay's site, if you wish to continue searching there. Feel free to click on any of these auctions displayed, or on the link which takes you to eBay. You can easily return toOld license plates.com by clicking "BACK" on your web browser.

Old license plates.com is a unique license plate website, and it's FREE to use -- there's no "signing up", no fees, no spam, and no user information is ever collected or shared.

Its goal? To point you to ONLINE AUCTIONS for the specific license plates you need -- and do it FASTER than if you searched on your own.

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