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Unless otherwise indicated, all auctions you see displayed on this site, and to which this site links, are eBay auctions, posted by eBay members. Those parties, (and not this site), are responsible for those auctions, and are subject to eBay's policies and standards. In other words, if that plate you bought, which the seller swears is a 1904 "Territory of Hawaii" motorcycle tag, instead REALLY turns out to be a 2004 "Town of Hempstead" septic tank sucker truck tag, then the guy who sold it to you on eBay is to blame: not Oldlicenseplates.com, and not even eBay, which makes the same clear in their own disclaimer, a link to which appears conspicuously on all auction display pages on Oldlicenseplates.com, and which is expanded upon in the eBay user agreement.

Oldlicenseplates.com is not responsible for service outages on any website, including Oldlicenseplates.com, and is also not responsible for online service connection failures, broken or non-functional links on any website including Oldlicenseplates.com, content which changes on any website including Oldlicenseplates.com, or for failure of the Oldlicenseplates.com site's links to locate any specific item or web address.

Oldlicenseplates.com is an affiliate website of eBay, and is both authorized and permitted by eBay to link to, as well as display auctions of, the eBay site, on the Oldlicenseplates.com website. This means that Oldlicenseplates.com is permitted to link to, as well as plainly display on the Oldlicenseplates.com website, any eBay auction, as it appears on eBay, with no alteration. In other words: If you happen to be selling a lot of license plates on eBay, then Oldlicenseplates.com, as an authorized eBay affiliate, is are permitted to display those auctions on Oldlicenseplates.com. Additionally, Oldlicenseplates.com is authorized and permitted to exclusively display such auctions as "the current eBay auctions of member xxxxx" where 'xxxxx' is equal to your eBay user name. These are known as "member identified auctions". Oldlicenseplates.com is also authorized and permitted to display such auctions, exclusive to one eBay member, with additional search parameters applied to facilitate user search. In other words: Suppose that eBay member 'xxxxx' regularly has about a thousand items for sale at any given time, and roughly 400 of them are license plates, while the other 600 are unrelated items; Oldlicenseplates.com has the right to link to ONLY the license plates within the current auctions of eBay member 'xxxxx', or just the "porcelain" license plates, or "Delaware" license plates, or whatever.

Oldlicenseplates.com will disregard any complaints received from any eBay member regarding the existence, display parameters, and/or placement of their, or any other eBay members' auctions.(Why anyone would complain about getting more potential bidders to look at their items for sale is kind of silly, but then again, license plate collectors can be peculiar folks; all we can say is this: if you don't want anyone to see your items on eBay affiliate and eBay partner websites, then don't list them on eBay.) Equally, if your "member identified auctions", or links to the same, appear in an area of placement that you feel is in conflict, competition, or in a location of lesser accessibility in relation to another listing of, or link to "member identified auctions", Oldlicenseplates.com is not obligated to modify its content. In other words, if you are selling graphic bases for five bucks each, and another eBay seller has them for three bucks each, we neither monitor such behavior, nor provide accommodations for such in the freely available section of such links. However, Oldlicenseplates.com will entertain paid placement opportunities. In other words, Oldlicenseplates.com may in the future entertain any form of advertisements on our home page, either to an eBay site, or any other site.

Oldlicenseplates.com is not part of eBay, nor is owned in any part by eBay, and affiliate status does not bind Oldlicenseplates.com to exclusivity. In other words, Oldlicenseplates.com is free and open to affiliation with other parties, to link to other sites, and and to develop partnerships with any party of our choosing, including competitors of eBay.

In addition to auctions which appear on our user section, we are not precluded from listing anything else deemed appropriate. Regarding eBay-related content, Oldlicenseplates.com is required to adhere to and maintain eBay's present and future policies. eBay owns all trademarks related to eBay.

Oldlicenseplates.com has no influence on eBay policy, nor does Oldlicenseplates.com enforce any rules and policies of ALPCA, (the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association), regarding ALPCA, or any ALPCA member. Oldlicenseplates.com has no influence on the behavior of eBay members, or the policies of any other websites to which we link, or of individuals you might come across in other locations, by using our website. In other words, if a fellow ALPCAN stiffs you in a deal, Oldlicenseplates.com offers no vehicle of appeal. And "no influence on eBay policy" also means that Oldlicenseplates.com will not lobby eBay to tell its members to sell their wares differently, to identify their wares differently, or to refrain from selling certain items. In other words, if someone is selling current-base license plates which may or may not be in violation of eBay policies and/or the law, or anything that you feel they should not be selling, do not ask us to tell eBay or to call the cops: do it yourself. Equally, neither will Oldlicenseplates.com lobby eBay, ALPCA or any other party on behalf of your presumed right to sell anything deemed forbidden by any party, nor will Oldlicenseplates.com lobby ALPCA regarding any ALPCA policy. (and we won't appeal to any issuing authority regarding license plates either, e.g., complaints against a special issue tag which might be found offensive, suggestions to change unreadable and/or ugly license plate designs, requests to stop silkscreening, and go back to "embossing the bronco," or passionate pleas to bring back the pelican.)

Oldlicenseplates.com does not post lists of "excommunicated" ALPCANs, eBay members, or suspected parties to shill bid auctions. However, as individual member(s) of eBay, (and not on behalf of Oldlicenseplates.com), we may report illegal activity observed to the proper authorities, and, as individual member(s) of eBay, (and not on behalf of Oldlicenseplates.com), we will report shill activities to eBay.

Old license plates.com makes no promises, and no contract is implied guaranteeing that you will find more license plates in less time, view more license plates, save time searching, or finish your Georgia run with the first three undated issues in original paint.(however, if you don't, accomplish at least the two of those first three things, we'd be really, really surprised.) We don't charge any fees to users of this website, (but if we did, and you still did NOT find it to be of benefit, we would probably offer you your money back. But since we DON'T charge...Ah, you get the idea...)

Also, if you edit or tweak many (e.g., virtually all) of our searching tools, queries or pages, you will probably skew results against your favor, and probably disengage our features which keep multiple listings.

Old license plates.com is FREE to use -- there's no "signing up", no fees, no spam, and no user information is ever collected or shared, nor will such information be collected on request, in response to offers to purchase it, because even if we did collect it, it wouldn't be for sale anyway. Unless you write to us, we will never know your name, your e-mail address, or even your eBay user handle. Nor are we aware of theoretical data such as your personal opinion of the usefulness of graphic plates, disgust for mint knockoffs, or secret, shameful habit of repainting perfectly good plates that don't need it. Seriously, however, while Old license plates.com is a strictly private site, purely anonymous statistical data is tracked for informational purposes. In other words, here is an example: If Joe Blow from Kokomo comes to our site, and uses it to search for, say, Kokomo pre-state porcelains, then, we, (nor eBay, nor anyone else) will neither see, nor collect that information. But we WILL know that one of our Indiana pages received one click on one day from one unique user. The only traffic tracked on Old license plates.com, is that which links to the first web address off of Old license plates.com: in other words, if you use our site to browse some tin, and then later on in your session you go to some other site to download some pictures that you sure wouldn't want your wife to know you looked at, we won't know that you went there; not even in the anonymous sense of "unique users" -- Old license plates.com simply does not track that information.

Old license plates.com cannot, nor attempts to answer, all inbound e-mails. Chances are very unlikely that we will respond to individual requests to locate a certain plate you need, (our website does the work for you), nor are we "library experts" on all license plate topics, in the sense that we cannot judge the identity or authenticity of any item, nor do we purport to know enough to tell if your plate in question is truly a Zimbabwe pre-state as advertised, or a '78 Nebraska trailer. Old license plates.com is highly addictive. If use of the site at your workplace results in termination, if you should suffer bankruptcy from purchasing too much tin, if your spouse leaves you, if your children forget your name, or if, through the direct use of this site, a box of old New Jersey plates on you found and purchased online is accidentally dropped on your foot at delivery, Old license plates.com disavows any responsibility or legal culpability.

Old license plates.com does not accept unsolicited e-mail, "spam", and e-mail addresses of spammers will be blocked from the site. Old license plates.com does not open e-mail attachments, and e-mails which include e-mail attachments will be discarded, unopened. Repeated abuses of inbound e-mail to Old license plates.com will be reported to respective domain administrators.Old license plates.com has no outbound mailing list, but if the day should ever come that we do start using one, you would not see this sentence on this site which you are now reading. Should you ever receive e-mail "spam" and our domain name and/or numerical IP address appears in the "from" field, we can assure you that it did not come from us. Internet "spoofing" does happen, and not all spoofers are dumb enough to get caught. (Although, we did catch a rather dumb one once, not that we're very good at such things); please send to us any suspected spam which appears to be credited to us. Oldlicenseplates.com also does not offer any downloads, automatic or otherwise. (In other words, if you should pick up a virus, an e-mail worm or Windows 2000 bug, it wasn't from us.) Oldlicenseplates.com knows of no known facilities to capture user information, but in the chance of any such attempts, guilty parties will be prosecuted according to the full extent of the law, in cooperation with all law enforcement authorities, as will attempts, successful or otherwise, at use and/or misidentification of this site and/or server to send unsolicited email, ("spam"), unauthorized site/server access, spoofs, hacks, or any other criminal activities. On Oldlicenseplates.com: All eBay related functional content, copyright eBay. All ALPCA related functional content, including the ALPCA name and ALPCA logo, copyright ALPCA. All related potential third party content, copyright those third-parties. All other primary elements of and on Oldlicenseplates.com including domain name, written copy, customized search queries, images, hierarchical content flow, page design and HTML code, copyright 2004 Oldlicenseplates.com.

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